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08Feb 18
Agriculture and Environment

Community, Agriculture and Environment

Agriculture is strongly connected to the land and the surrounding environment. Agriculture, wherever it is practiced, affects and is affected by the land, the environment and the people. Improvement in agricultural methods and protection of the natural environment are essential…

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20Nov 17

Breeding insects for chicken feed

By growing the food you need for your animals, you create a sustainable and low cost system. Insects for protein Chickens need to be able to scratch for insects and worms. By covering an area with weeds, leaves, rice husks,…

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08Jul 17
John Tann

Valuable weeds

Weeds provide many functions and products. Make the most of them to improve your agricultural production as they are good for: Mulch and compost material Organic matter Protecting the soil from erosion Products, such as fibre and paper Providing homes…

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16Feb 17

Sponsor the Guidebook

We’re offering you an opportunity to sponsor a chapter and join us in publishing the open source Tropical Permaculture Guidebook! The positive impacts include improving health and well-being, education, food sovereignty and resilience to climate change while also reducing its…

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07Jan 17

Timor-Leste school garden permaculture program

Eugenio (Ego) Lemos, co-author of the Tropical Permaculture Guidebook presents the amazing Timor-Leste school garden permaculture program at a TEDxDili. It also includes a short film at one of the gardens and of course a couple of Ego's songs! This…

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10Oct 16

naTerra and the guidebook

naTerra is a grassroots organization working in the area of education for sustainable community development using permaculture and holistic education as its main tools. Fernando talks about naTerra's invaluable work in Timor-Leste and how our guidebook is part of their…

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