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Major supporters

To progress to where we are now we have had support from some amazing organisations as well as many fantastic individuals.


xpand Foundation
The xpand Foundation is committed to an inclusive society through the promotion of health and well-being and empowering communities by putting an ‘earned dollar’ in a persons pocket to move beyond charity and aid to value the sustainable livelihood and happiness of every individual.

The xpand Foundation supports communities to move beyond charity and aid by delivering opportunities for communities and individuals to become economically independent.

Andrew Mahar AM CEO xpand Foundation and co-founder of the WithOneSeed community forestry program, has helped guide the Tropical Permaculture Guidebook project through his expertise in project governance and with his extensive experience and connections working in subsistence communities in Timor-Leste over many years.


Oxfam in Timor-Leste
Oxfam in Timor-Leste helped us to produce the original guidebook and have worked closely with Permatil on many projects over 15 years. They have again been very generous in their support of this new edition, both for the initial phases and putting together the finished chapters.

Permaculture Australia

Permaculture Australia
Australia’s national permaculture body have provided valuable financial support through Permafund, even more valuable support as an administrative partner and have been constant with marketing and media backing.

Edge5 Permaculture

Edge5 Permaculture
Recognising that we could work together and help each other’s projects Edge5 Permaculture made a large and generous donation to our work and are using the guidebook for their projects in the Philippines, Cambodia, Myanmar and Rwanda.


Mercy Corps
With a large donations Mercy Corps contributed immensely to our project continuing through the writing, editing and initial formatting stages.


Catholic Relief Services (CRS)
With a large donations CRS contributed immensely to our project continuing through the writing, editing and initial formatting stages.

Pandanus Organics

Pandanus Organics in Katherine, NT
Their regular support culminated with a wildly successful auction and fundraiser that boosted our crowdfunding efforts considerably.

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