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PERMATIL and PERMATIL GLOBAL are making permaculture tools and knowledge accessible to everyone across the globe, working with people to strengthen food sovereignty, facilitate environmental regeneration, mitigate climate change and build resilient and sustainable communities everywhere.

The Tropical Permaculture Guidebook

We’re bringing the world to the table!

THE TROPICAL PERMACULTURE GUIDEBOOK is a comprehensive resource of permaculture, food sovereignty and environmental regeneration strategies. A practical guide towards strong, resilient and sustainable communities.

English edition

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Tetum edition

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Pay what you can. Fund the future.


Pay what you can. Fund the future.

We’re fundraising for new editions in key tropical languages including:

Spanish – providing access to over 365 million people across Europe and Central and South America
Portuguese – providing access to over 280 million people across Europe, Asia, Africa and South America
French – providing access to over 354 million people across Europe, Africa and the South Pacific
Indonesian – providing access to over 270 million people across Indonesia and South-East Asia

You can make a donation in the cart before you download the guidebook, or by joining ‘Friends of Permatil Global’.

Donations in Australia over $2 are now tax deductible.

What’s available to download from the shop?

The Tropical Permaculture Guidebook

Complete guidebook
Set of 3 volumes
Chapters: 1 to 18 + extras

Vol One. Permaculture-and-people

Volume 1
Permaculture and People
Chapters: 1 to 6 + extras

Vol Two. House-and-garden

Volume 2
House and Garden
Chapters: 7 to 12 + extras

Vol Three. Regenerative-agricultutre

Volume 3
Regenerative Agriculture
Chapters: 13 to 18 + extras

English Chapters

Individual chapters
Chapters: 1 to 18

Tetum Chapters

Kapítulu ida-idak
Kapítulu: 1 ba 18

From simple beginnings to a global movement…

What are people saying?

Permaculture experts from around the world share their thoughts.

Steve Jones

Sector39 from Wales, UK have delivered three full permaculture design courses in Uganda, working with farmers and teachers mainly from the Kamuli region. This vital publication is part of our resource package. Its wonderful illustrations instantly capture the imagination and the amazing breadth of subjects tackled covers a great many essential topics for the tropical permaculture farmer.

Morag Gamble

Having a resources like the Tropical Permaculture Guidebook for my work, for example with a women’s self-help group in Kenya, to be able to share the illustrations, the examples, the experience, the material that has been tested over and over is going to be absolutely invaluable.

Ceres Global

The Tropical Permaculture Guidebook provided the backbone of our recent Permaculture Design Course in Timor-Leste. The book is an essential collection of tropical permaculture principles filled with traditional and modern wisdoms. The importance of this book for anyone practicing permaculture in the tropics can not be overestimated.

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