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Pay what you can. Fund the future.

We operate using the third permaculture ethic of Fair Share and ask you to ‘pay what you can’ in exchange for what you download, with all money further developing this project. By investing in our book you’re:

  • Providing access for all
  • Funding new language editions
  • Helping people to help themselves
  • Regenerating our earth

Pay what you can – Individuals

Our suggested donation (for people who can pay) are:

  • $5 a chapter
  • $25 a volume
  • $60 for the complete 1,100+ page guidebook

Please choose to donate what you can afford and are comfortable with. For people and organisations who cannot afford to pay, please download for free, we hope this gift of knowledge is valuable resource.

Pay what you can – Organisations

For the complete 1,100+ page guidebook:

  • Smaller organisations could donate between $100 and $250
  • Larger organisations could donate between $250 and $500

We ask organisations that will use the guidebook for projects and training to make a larger contribution, commensurate with your capacity. For chapters we suggest between $10 and $20 per individual chapter.

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