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Permaculture in schools program

– Students learn in a living laboratory

The Permaculture in Schools program provides opportunity for children to learn in a ‘living laboratory’ about food, water and climate resilience, with support from teachers and community volunteers. Recognised by the Timorese Ministry of Education, the program is now embeded in the national curriculum. The initiative encourages students to take their knowledge and skills home to share, leading to more permaculture home gardens being created, benefiting the broader family unit.

To date, 242 school gardens programs have been established across Timor-Leste, directly benefiting over 41,000 students and their families. The program is instrumental in helping to grow the next generation of environmental stewards, with many students going on to participate in the PermaYouth in Action movement.

Starting in 2024, Permatil Global plan to create a suite of Permaculture in Schools education resources for students and teachers in Timor-Leste and for schools across the globe.

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