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Permaculture education resources

– A gift of ‘permaculture knowledge’ from Timor-Leste

Permatil Global’s flagship resource, The Tropical Permaculture Guidebook – international English edition, is a comprehensive reference guide to tropical permaculture and has been accessed in 160 countries and 30 territories the world over. The guidebook expands and accelerates the understanding and application of permaculture and provides practical information for anyone, regardless of location or experience. Designed as a training tool and reference guide, it can used by a wide range of audiences and is a complete permaculture resource for government agencies, NGOs, farmers and communities.

In 2022 Permatil Global began expanding accessibility of the guidebook with the publication of the first translated edition into the Timorese language of Tetum. Plans are well underway for funding other translations too, including the four key tropical languages of French, Portuguese, Spanish and Indonesian and First Nations language of Yolŋu – so millions of people will be able to access the resources in their in first language.

In 2024, a suite of multi-media education materials are being planned, including resources for primary school students, manuals for PermaYouth participants, guides for trainers and farmers, as well as videos and animations – all designed for easy access to learning and sharing.

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