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Guidebook testimonies from IDEP trainees

IDEP trainees

IDEP Foundation have been doing groundbreaking work in Indonesia for years, focusing on permaculture, education and disaster risk reduction and response. They adapted and re-published the Permaculture Guidebook from Timor-Leste for Indonesia, and their on-line publication had over 200, 000 chapter downloads in 2 years. Here are some testimonies about the guidebook directly from farmers that they work with.

Trainee / farmers in Bali:

‘The permaculture book makes me more understanding to better appreciate nature, and why sustainable agriculture is essential for our survival. Ethics and principles of permaculture as the philosophy of the Balinese / Hindu so this is very good to be applied’

Trainee / farmers in West Java:

‘Permaculture book I acquired very helpful to me as a complete guide to build an integrated system. Not only in agriculture but also in the system sustainable utilisation of natural resources other as alternative energy. I also use this book as a guide in teaching the children at the school that I manage.’

Trainee / farmers in Flores:

‘The permaculture book very thick, also provides thick knowledge. It includes all the things there are from about a healthy home until about agriculture and forest product utilisation system also friendly. With this book can also provide information that can be applied in dry regions such as Flores.’

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