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Natural Resources and Local Knowledge as the Foundation for Life

“If you have three people in a village with a creative mind, then your village will grow stronger, it will be prepared for the necessary development and to confront challenges again.”  – Francisco Da Costa, Group leader of Love Timorese Culture

Field practices were conducted at the homes of nearby villages in Maubisse.

Inspiring creativity for development with available natural resources has been the mission of educators, activists, and farmers of PERMATIL (Permaculture Timor-Lorosa’e) since its inception.  PERMATIL’s biannual Perma-Youth camp has continued to expand this inspiration and practice in Timor-Leste since 2008. This year’s camp incorporated FinFest (Finadu Festival, also known as the Day of the Dead), a celebration of cultural values tied to food, traditional rituals and ceremonies.

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