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Perma-youth invite

5th National Perma-Youth Camp

Where: Maubisse, Timor-Leste.
When: 25 November – 1 December 2018

Permatil warmly invites you to the 5th National Perma-Youth Camp in Maubisse, Timor-Leste. Permatil is a local Timorese NGO working in sustainable development through permaculture principles, with a focus on protecting land and environment, and to manage and use it to improve livelihoods.

The Perma-Youth Camp aims to bring together youth from all over Timor-Leste to facilitate critical thinking about sustainable environmental, social and economic issues in their communities and in the country. The camp aims to promote environment and climate change awareness, and allow participants to exchange experiences and essential actions to develop local knowledge through workshops, training, films, music, discussions and hands-on demonstrations.

The Perma-Youth camp attracts young people, farmers, community groups, government staff, NGO/INGO staff and international observers to share in a learning environment and to encourage youth action and development. This year’s camp will include the 2nd Finfest, a local festival promoting Timorese cuisine, and will be held over 2 days of the camp.

Tokens for food can be purchased at the registration tents for USD10 per person per day (inclusive of breakfast, lunch and dinner). Maubisse is chilly and can get very cold at night (12 degrees), so bring warm clothes and blankets, along with a tent for your stay during the camp. Showers and compost toilets will be available throughout the camp ground. Please note, the event is alcohol-, smoke-, and plastic-free.

Organiser: Permatil

For more information please contact Sally –

Perma-youth camp

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