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Welcome to the inaugural
International PermaYouth Convergence – 2024
Tri-program event – Timor-Leste

Welcome to the the International PermaYouth Convengence (IPYC–2024) – a tri-program celebration of Permaculture, the environment and cultural exchanges – to be held in Timor-Leste in August 2024. This inaugural event will be based on the highly successful PermaYouth model from Timor-Leste. Sharing our permaculture knowledge and practice with the world, we’re building an active global PermaYouth network with future global environmental leadership.

‘You must first plant knowledge and practice before you plant water, a seed or a tree’.

Event One
PermaYouth camp

21–24 August 2024

The National PermaYouth Camp, will be held in the foot-hills of Dili – in the sub-district of Darè, Timor-Leste. It will bring youth (17 to 35 years) together from across Timor-Leste and beyond for this national four-day event.

Participants will engage in Permaculture and leadership activities, and prepare to welcome visiting delegates to the International PermaYouth Convergence.

Event Two
PermaYouth convergence

25–29 August 2024

The IPYC–2024 will bring together delegations of youth (17 to 35 years) and their community leaders from six continents.

This five-day event will be filled with practical permaculture and leadership activities and cultural exchanges. Participants from across the globe will have the opportunity to share and learn together and build the foundations for a youth-led international PermaYouth network.

Event Three
Environment and
cultural festival

30–31 August 2024

The Convergence will then culminate with all delegates joining togther for a two-day Environment and Cultural Festival.

The Festival will be a celebration and exchange of knowledge and friendship, indigenous
culture, music and art.

planting water, growing communities

PermaYouth is Permatil’s flagship event for sharing sustainable and culturally relevant permaculture practices. It brings together young people and allows them to learn by doing, in climate-smart practices, instilling the knowledge needed to create change and lasting environmental and community impacts.

Co-hosted by Permatil (Timor-Leste), Permatil Global and the PermaYouth Association (Timor-Leste), this 11-day tri-program event will focus on developing environmental and leadership skills, based around the theme of planting water, growing communities. The program will highlight innovative and effective watershed management practices and the benefits that come from learning and sharing together.

PermaYouth is an inclusive and accessible event for youth aged 17 to 35 from all areas of society, including young women, people with disability and people who identify as LGBTIQ+. The program is based on a participatory learning model, run by experts and past participants. It opens opportunities for skills to be shared with home communities and can lead to further education and employment pathways.

Events will be held at Permatil’s permaculture demonstration site in Darè Timor-Leste. The program will include permaculture practice and leadership skills develoment in:

  • Planting water – water restoration and catchment management
  • Permaculture design and ecosystem restoration strategies
  • Sloping Agriculture Land Technology (SALT)
  • Conservation agriculture (agro-ecology)
  • Agro-forestry
  • Sanitation strategies including compost toilets
  • Aquaculture
  • Community engagement and participation
  • Leadership and management skills


More information and a full program will be available in early 2024.

Please submit a separate form for each participant.




IPYC–2024 organisers

Permatil Global
PermaYouth Association

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